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No of aisles,   = Fields per Rack,  ¦ ¦ Rack levels,   ≡ Aislewidth,    ↕
Rack upper-left corner X,  → Rack upper-left corner Y,  ↓ Name
Start with a single rack, End with a single rack, Direction of racks, ↺
No of rack blocks X, No of rack blocks Y, Distance between blocks X, Distance between blocks Y,
Planner rectangle
Planner X point,    ⇱ → Planner Y point,    ⇱ ↓ Planner height,    ⇲ ↔ Planner width,    ⇲ ↕
Norm palet-rack
Pallet depth, Pallet width, Total pallet height, Paletts per beam,
Clearance between palets, Clearance between rack beams, Rack upright depth Y,
Beam thickness, Rack upright width X, Clearance between rack uprights, First level extra height,
This is a svg-warehouse-drawing made by https://warehouse-planner.com Layout Click to activate this rack 2350 9600 13980 Left rack p: 180 Click to activate this rack 2350 9600 13980 Right rack p: 180 Click to activate this rack 1700 8300 5640 Rack in seg 0 P 48 3500 3500 2250 Click to edit building 47560 12000 15560 5300 My first warehouse, built on Warehouse-Planner version: 17-9-17 12:29:59 Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG