No of aisles   
Fields per Rack  ¦ ¦
Rack levels   ≡
No of rack blocks X
No of rack blocks Y
Distance between blocks X
Distance between blocks Y
Plan rectangle
Planner X point    ⇱ →
Planner Y point    ⇱ ↓
Planner height    ⇲ ↔
Planner width    ⇲ ↕

Pallet Rack Definition
Pallet depth
Pallet width
Total pallet height
Paletts per beam
Clearance between palets
Clearance between rack beams
Rack upright depth Y
First level extra height
Beam thickness
Rack upright width X
Clearance between rack uprights
This is a warehouse layout made by Layout Click to activate this rack 2230 94500 36220 Rack in seg 0 P 9360 Click to activate this rack 1700 8300 5640 Copy of Rack in seg 4 P 48 7250 2250 Click to edit building 37560 9500 95560 7550 My first warehouse, built on Warehouse-Planner version: 21-3-19 20:23:49