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Warehouse-Planner is a free software program for systematic warehouse planning. Developed by Jochen Baumann. It is an easy to use online space planning tool. It shows your drawing in your browser in svg graphic formate. You are close to delicious 3D-Views, just exporting your layout into a OBJ, SVG or DXF file.

Know How

Typical data for material handling equipment as trucks, palet sizes, rack dimensions are given but can be changed. This is the easiest way to optimize warehouse space by finding creative storage solutions, either for a given building or for the planning from inside to outside of a new building. Warehouse planning by data input.

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How does it work ?

First: enable SVG and CGI!
In general, storage halls consist of recurring rectangular elements. These elements - walls, columns, roofs, trusses - are defined horizontally and vertically in the building input form and then automatically drawn in SVG format. Palet racks are usually arranged in corridors in warehouses. You can enter the position in the hall (0,0 is inside upper left) and the number of aisles, fields, modules, levels, rack blocks. The pallet dimensions indicate the rack-shelf dimensions, the data are predefined, but editable.
Working aisles between the pallets (not the racks !) are determined by the rack operating device (rack conveyor - forklift truck). Standard trucks with aisle widths are predefined.
An auxiliary element "planner area" is assigned to each rack. Rack shelving areas are free areas in the hall, which can be filled automatically by the shelves. You can insert and arrange any number of shelves. With a click you activate a rack segment, with a click on an activated rack the edition grid will be opend. With a click on the walls you'll open the edition grid of the building.


Values you enter are stored in a database. Point. But the data you override or delete is gone. User behavior during the planning, private drawings etc. are definitely not saved by me or the program. Statistics about entered or used values is not with me.
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