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🏗️📦 Enter some data and immediately receive the complete drawing - find out the smartest pallet racking solution, that's what warehouse-planner does.
🏗️ 🏬 📦 Warehouse-planner is a CAD-Solution to find out the optimum of racking layouts.
X-Values Y-Values Z-Values
Building element dimensions mm mm mm
Number of building elements
Column demensions mm mm mm
Wall thickness mm =B4 mm =B4 mm
Startpoint of racks ⇱ mm mm =0
Aisle width mm fix=1
Number of aisles
Number of rack fields =2
Rack beam levels =(F3-F13-300)/(F14+F16)+1 calc
Double pallet row ending (0/1) 0/1
Transfer aisle dimensions mm mm
Rack Block number
Pallet dimensions mm mm mm
Rack shelf dimensions mm mm mm
Rack upright dimensions mm =D14 mm =F20+500
Rack beam dimensions =B14 =B15 mm
Clearance between pallets inside mm
Pallets per shelf | Bottom traverse height mm
Rack Rotation 1=90° 0/1
Last beam height =(F9-1)*(F14+F16)+F18 mm
Needed lifting height (truck) =F20+300 mm
Bottom right corner of rack block ⇲ =B5+B8*(B14+B15)+B15 mm =D5+(2*D13+D6+D17)*D7 mm =F20+F13 mm
Pallets per single rack =B18*F9
Pallets per rack row =B23*B8
Pallets per aisle =B24*2
Pallets per rack block =(B25*D7)+(B24*D10)
Pallets per segment =B26*B12*D12
Total Sum of Pallets in warehouse
Number of rackbeams = (F19>F16+100 ? 1 : 0)*2*B8*B12*D12+2*B8*D7*(F9-1)*B12*D12
Number of rack uprights middle | end =((B8-1)*2*D7+D10*(B8-1))*B12*D12 =(2*2*D7+D10*2)*B12*D12
Buildings area inside | outside =(B1*B2-B3)*(D1*D2-D3)/1000000 =((B3+B4+B1*B2)*(D3+D4+D1*D2))/1000000
Buildings volume inside | outside =F3*D31/1000 =F1*F31/1000
Rack selection
Name of warehouse | Rack segment
Warehouse select
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Why is that as easy warehouse planning with warehouse-planner?

In general, warehouses consist of recurrent rectangular elements which are in a solid relationship to each other. Pallets, forklifts, shelves, hall, supports have values that influence each other. How - that ? We know and have implemented it here; Therefore, you can make a complete online storage plan only by data entry.
Elements like walls, supports are defined in the input form and then automatically in SVG format or three.js 3D drawn.
Paletteregals are usually arranged regularly in warehouses. The position in the hall (0.0 is inside in the upper left corner) and the number of gears, fields, modules, planes, shelf blocks must be entered.
The pallet dimensions give the shelving dimensions (EUROPAL), but are editable.
The operation width, as an important measure, is the measure between the pallets (! And not between the rack) is from the shelf control unit (Shelving conveyor - forklift truck). Standard vehicles with their gear widths are predefined.
Keep your warehouse compact! Is the logistics smart, saves the resources and already the environment.
Here 10 simple rules to find the best solution for your warehouse layout optimization

"If it 's as easy as with the warehouse-planner, warehouse layout optimization is a lot of fun! Give it a try!"

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